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We believe social change only comes by constantly providing hands-on education and direct action opportunities, keeping young people engaged to train those who come after them.
Georgia Civic Campus Network

We’re launching the Georgia Civic Campus Network, the first statewide student campus network, facilitating first-class civic engagement through institutional frameworks of colleges and universities. In the first six months, we’ll reach at least 10 campuses, totaling over 90,000 undergraduate students, to help them vote in 2020.

We’ll provide resources to member campuses that include: voter guides, help for voting by mail, student poll worker recruitment, and technical assistance in bringing an early voting location to campuses, and other needs they have.

Our staff will work with administrators to support university-led engagement, coordinate with state and national partners, while always uplifting student voices.

A Policy Vision For All

We’re working with young people to build an intentional and equitable process to decide the issues they want to champion on the local and state level. Young people will create a clear and achievable local agenda to champion this year and in the future.

We will know exactly the issues rural young people of color want and how they want to achieve it, with the opportunity to replicate this process in other hub cities for local and regional impact as we expand our reach.

Breaking Barriers

We’re engaging young people online through civic education, compassionate storytelling, and critical calls to action to create an accessible democracy for all.

This begins with the launch of our weekly livestream and video series, dedicated to breaking down the barriers of entry to civic engagement in the state.

We’ll address important voting questions, timely issues, and share the compelling stories of young people, making sure that young people have a political home to be civically engaged at all times.