Student Aid Resources

This page contains a list of websites that can be used to assist up and coming college students and help them find the best colleges to attend as well as a list of resources for financial aid, scholarships, and textbooks for college. The links bellow contain resources such as college rankings, college career planning, and college admissions. These links will assist new college students in finding the best colleges and help them get a better feel for the admissions process. Next, some of the other links help students find federal student aid, financial aid for students, and finding scholarships. Finally, the remainder of the links assist students who are looking for cheap college textbooks and want to find a way to purchase, or rent affordable college textbooks.

A website that offers scholarships along with a college search with reviews, a college match and a calendar that shows what your chances of admission are.

Chegg is known for offering cheap textbook rentals for college students, but also has over 25,000 scholarships for students to search.

A site that allows you to fill out questionnaire that narrows down specific awards that satisfy your financial need. College Board is the organization behind the SAT, AP exams, etc., and have strict standards for the scholarships they include in their database.

A database that offers more than 1.5 scholarships. Along with the monetary awards, Fastweb also features helpful career planning services and learning tools for its registered users.

The National Student Loan Data System  is the U.S. Department of Education’s database for student aid. It allows you to plug in your information, which lets you access information on your loans and federal grants, including the name of the company that services your loan, your loan status, and loan disbursements.

Niche combines rigorous analysis with authentic reviews to highlight the best places to live and go to school, along with matching you with scholarships.


Peterson’s offers $10 million in scholarships along with a bookstore to help choose the best school, receive test preparation, career planning and more.


A site dedicated to making higher education more available and affordable. Provides tips on student loan debt, describes fees and rates, compares private loans to government loans, and more. Also has recent news about student loan legislation, state-by-state statistics on debt, and a chart summarizing federal student loan interest rates and terms for 2017-2018.

A website for high school students, college students, nontraditional or adult-learner to get matched to scholarships and grants you’re qualified for from colleges, universities, organizations, foundations, corporations, government & more.

A website that offers hundreds of scholarships and grants available through keyword searches.

A program by the National Consumer Law Center that helps students that have taken out loans. Offers information on student loans, repayment options, getting out of default, student loan legislation and other newsworthy topics.

A scholarship search that offers salary comparisons, career questions and videos, online courses, and resources for educational assistance.

A way to find your perfect college and gain the money to pay for it. Unigo offers both scholarships and student loans.