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Election Day is Next Tuesday!

Miss the early voting period? Be sure to vote next Tuesday, Nov. 7. Polls are open from 7am to 7pm. Don’t know where to find your polling place? Text SHIFT to 864237 to find out!...

Early Voting Is Now Underway!

2017 elections are now happening! For the next three weeks, you can vote at your designated early voting location. Don’t know where to find your polling place? Text SHIFT to 864237 to find out!...

What’s A District Attorney?

A district attorney has the power to impact young people of color in damaging and irreversible ways. Even worse, the office of the DA (and our criminal justice system) can be a problematic maze very few understand. So we’re starting a series about the office of the DA, what they do, and how we can hold them accountable. Check out our introductory video, breaking down exactly what a DA...

Meet Matheus Duarte: Content Strategy Intern

Bio Matheus Duarte was born in Brazil and moved to the United States at a young age. While growing up, he quickly picked up on the idea that being involved in the local community was something of importance to him. As an adult he has been involved in some community projects. Matheus Duarte graduate from the University of North Georgia with a Bachelor’s in Marketing and is currently working as a Content Marketing Strategist at GASHIFT .   What inspires you to get involved in the political process? The main thing that inspires me to get involved in the political process is that I was a US resident for many years. With that comes the inability to vote. During that time I saw how important voting is because only after getting my citizenship was I able to vote and get more involved in my community. I now know that voting is something that everyone needs to be involved in. Voting is what this country was founded on and the fact that Americans have the freedom to vote is a reason in its self not to take it for granted. There are many countries out there where citizens have no rights and that is because of how their country was founded. Here in America, we were founded with the belief that everyone has a right to vote and thats why I would like to be more involved in the voting process. If you could meet any historical figure who would you choose and why? I would choose Abraham Lincoln. I would like to meet him because of what he did...

Let’s Talk About HOPE and College Access

Since its creation in 1993, the HOPE scholarship has been instrumental in making post secondary education more accessible for students. However, due to changes made in 2011, the window of opportunity is becoming smaller and smaller. According to a report done by Georgia Budget & Policy Institute senior education policy analyst Claire Suggs, fewer students are receiving HOPE than ever before. Once covering a student’s full tuition costs, the HOPE program now only provides partial tuition coverage for most. The requirements for receiving HOPE have also become stricter, requiring a 3.0 GPA, high SAT or ACT scores and at least four college-level courses such as advanced placement classes. Higher requirements as well as an age restriction preventing those who are seven years out of high school from obtaining HOPE, result in a smaller number of people being able to continue their education. Other HOPE programs include the Zell Miller Scholarship, granting full tuition to those with a 3.7 GPA in addition to high SAT or ACT scores and four college-level courses, the HOPE grant for those completing a degree or certificate at a technical college requiring a 2.0 GPA and the Zell Miller grant that requires a 3.5 GPA and covers full tuition costs. Both the HOPE and Zell Miller Scholarship are more likely to go to middle and high-income students. The new requirements affect students of various race and ethnicities, however those hit the hardest are black students with an amazing 80 percent not receiving HOPE. Without the aid of HOPE, students are left struggling to pay for tuition and other mandatory fees. To mitigate the issue, the...

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