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Who We Are

Georgia Shift is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization giving young people a seat at the table of democracy. We believe social change only comes by constantly providing hands-on education and direct action opportunities, keeping young people engaged to train those who come after them.

What We Do


Every year, we register new young voters and turn them out to the polls, making sure everyone has the chance to make their voice heard in the political process. 


Through our year-round paid fellowship program, we give young people the trainings, resources, and hands-on education to become the leaders of the future. 


From the state capitol to the county commission, we work to pass real policies that impact the issues young people deal with every day while holding elected officials accountable. 

Our Team

Georgia Shift is a high-impact, collaborative team of activists and organizers committed to building a Georgia where marginalized young people of color are the fundamental driver of political impact and public policy at every level of government in an unbridled democracy.

Jordan johnson

Executive director

Lakeland Barnes

County Coordinator

Joseph Wallace

Program Director

Traemel Crawford

Communications Coordinator

Iliana Perkins

Operations Coordinator