Georgia Shift gives marginalized young people a seat at the table of democracy through electoral action, hands-on advocacy and education, and civic media programs. We envision a Georgia where marginalized young people of color are the fundamental driver of political impact and public policy at every level of government in an unbridled democracy. We offer paid fellowship and internship opportunities throughout the year. Meet Woojin Kang, our Policy Research Fellow, who has taken on local and statewide policy projects.

Woojin is an Augusta, GA native. Currently, she’s a rising senior at Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School, where she participates in various clubs such as science club, NAHS, and Beta club. In addition, Woojin is an active volunteer with the Augusta Red Cross Youth board and hopes to continue her activities as a volunteer for years to come. She is an avid volunteer and is passionate about  being able to support her community. Despite not having any prior experience in political and social advocacy, her passion for learning new skills and serving her community, has driven her passion for creating change for the betterment of her community. She has excelled in all her projects at Georgia Shift.

  • Why is civic engagement important to you?

“I believe civic engagement is a way for under-represented people to have their voices heard – to express their perspective and have their input thoughtfully considered. It allows common people, like me, to be able to speak out against issues within their community without having the threat and fear of hatred hindering you. Even aside from directly addressing issues within our society, civic engagement allows you to create valuable relationships and experiences with many diverse people. Civic engagement provides the environment that allows oneself to develop as a person and leader while also gaining lifelong relationships, experiencing more diversity, and gaining new perspectives on the world. Simply put, civic engagement is an essential part of a healthy, democratic community.”

  • What are some issues in your community that concern you?

“As a native of Augusta, I have grown up being aware of the lack of diversity within my community. Diversity is an essential aspect of creating a community where anyone, of any ethnicity, can feel like they are truly welcomed. Community is being able to feel accepted and connected to the people around you, but without diversity that cannot be achieved.”

  • What are some things you wish could be addressed?

“Education! Georgia is near the bottom nationally with college enrollment and graduation. Education is often overlooked by many officials and even students; instead we use funding to support more businesses that don’t necessarily need the funding. We don’t realize the immense importance of funding and implementing education and making it available for people of every demographic. Education is the backbone for success, on a personal and community level, and we need more support for it!”

  • What’s the one thing you want people to know about you?

“I am a very open-minded individual and I love meeting and learning about people!”

Georgia Shift wants to thank Woojin! We look forward to working with her!