What inspired you to get involved with civic engagement?

It’s important that individuals who look like me are represented, advocated for, and simply respected. The lack of this in everyday life is what has pushed me to get involved in civc engagement. Despite the differences, our voices deserved to be heard, especially when it comes to things that affect our well-being. Civic engagement gives me the opportunity to stand up for what’s right, the unheard and ignored, and myself.

If you could meet any historical figure, who would you choose and why?

Hands down, I would want to meet Eartha Kitt. I do not need to say anything else.

How do you recharge?

Honestly, just some quiet, alone time is the perfect way for me to recharge, especially after a hectic day.

What are three things still left on your bucket list?
  1. Visit all 7 continents
  2. Visit all 50 states
  3. Finish learning Spanish and French
If you could have any one superpower, which would you choose?

To be able to do any and everything at the snap of my finger.

Snapshot Bio

I’m a Georgia native, where I attended Davidson Fine Arts and fully submerged myself into the arts. After my high school graduation, I pursued a bachelor’s degree in business marketing at USC Aiken. My passion for the arts, travel, and diversity has led me to do digital work at Georgia Shift. Currently, I have my own interests in women’s prison reform and women facing homelessness. Truthfully, I believe that Georgia Shift is the next huge step in my career and giving back to my community.