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April 6, 2019

Welcome back Tea Sippers! 

This is our eleventh and final edition of the 2019 Gold Dome Tea newsletter. We brought the tea all session long so we hope you brought your cups, as we will be giving you the inside scoop of all the most juicy things that happened this last week under the Gold Dome! 👀
In this week’s issue of Gold Dome Tea we will tackle:
🔹Piping Hot Issues – Quick rundown of the piping hot issues that surely stirred the pot.    
🔹Do or Die: Young People’s Last 2019 Lobby Day Recap– Pictures and quick rundown of our event on Sine Die! 
Piping Hot Issues

This past Tuesday was Sine Die and as always it was a day full of running around from one chamber to the other under the Gold Dome. The day started early and finished late with last minute committee meetings and of course the eventful floor votes, but we got you covered. Here are the bills that made the most buzz 🐝:
  • SB 15 (Policing Public School Students) had an amendment in the House and at the end passed the Senate (Yea 42 – Nay 11) and it is headed to the Governor’s desk for his signature. The “Keeping Georgia’s Schools Safe Act” will require require schools to designate a school safety coordinator who works with local law enforcement to report suspected “violent criminal activity.” We will say that it was cleaned up to remove student profiles, but it is still problematic for surveillance and reporting reasons. Like we previously mentioned, the bill takes into account all security measures for the building, but does nothing to actually help students. 
  • SB 92 (End to revoking professional licenses for loan defaults) unfortunately did not pass this session. This bill would prevent the state from suspending your state-issued professional licenses if you default on government-backed student loans.
  • HB 324 (Medical marijuana manufacturing) had many amendments and moved from one chamber to another 3 times on Sine Die. However all 3 votes passed and at the end passed the House (Yea 147 – Nay 16) and it is headed to the Governor’s desk for his signature. This bill will make it legal for you to possess, manufacture and distribute low THC oil as long as it is in a pharmaceutical container.
Do or Die: Young People’s Last 2019 Lobby Day ✊🗣
On Sine Die, we hosted our inaugural Do or Die: Young People’s Last 2019 Lobby Day and it was a success! We hosted a huge amount of people throughout the day and trained them how to talk to their elected officials. Many came from all over the state and for most of them it was their first time at the Capitol. We are proud of how involved they were and many shared that they felt empowered to continue coming back!
The end of Sine Die marked the conclusion of a legislative session that introduced over 2,400 bills. Governor Kemp now has until May 12, 2019, to sign or veto legislation. Any bills that did not pass lives on for next year, the second year of the 2019-2020 two year legislative session.Tea sippers that concludes the last edition of the Gold Dome Tea. We will miss you during our weekly tea time, but if you enjoyed this tea time we shared together then subscribe here to keep up to date to everything Georgia Shift is getting done! See you next year! 🐸☕️
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