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March 16, 2019

Welcome back Tea Sippers! 

This is our eighth edition of the 2019 Gold Dome Tea newsletter. We brought the tea so we hope you brought your cups, as we will be giving you the inside scoop of all the most juicy things that happened in this week under the Gold Dome! 👀
In this week’s issue of Gold Dome Tea we will tackle:
🔹Piping Hot Issues – Quick rundown of the piping hot issues that will surely stir the pot.    
🔹Mujeres at the Capitol Recap– Pictures and quick rundown of our event on Crossover Day! 
🔹The MARTA Referendum– The vote to expand MARTA into Gwinnett County is happening now until March 19.   
🔹Call to Action –Raise The Age Bill:  Call the House Juvenile Justice Committee and let them know it’s urgent and important to pass this bill!

Piping Hot Issues
The week after Crossover Day is always a little slower pace than the rest. However, that did not stop this week from having its share of action under the Gold Dome. To keep you up to date, we have provided below a quick recap of the status of the bills making the most buzz 🐝: 

  • SB 92 passed the Senate. This bill prevents the state from suspending your state-issued professional licenses if you default on government-backed student loans. 
  • SB 15 passed the Senate. This bill aims to increase student safety in schools by establishing new positions called “school safety coaches,” volunteers who are defined in the bill as “former members of the armed forces, a law-enforcement agency or a fire department.” The bill takes into account all security measures for the building, but does nothing to actually help students. 
  • SB 161 passed the Senate. Grades given to a student by a professor will be reported to the commission for the purpose of calculating qualification for HOPE and Zell Miller scholarship. This bill also increases the grade by 0.5 for those that are in advanced placement, a dual credit course, or international baccalaureate.
  • SB 222 passed the Senate. This bill creates the Georgia Council on Criminal Justice Reform, a committee to track and analyze data on those in custody from the Dept. of Juvenile Justice and to track the implementation of criminal and juvenile justice reforms and propose reforms around reducing recidivism, lowering expenses, and promoting public safety.
  • HB 218 passed the House. This bill extends the eligibility of students receiving HOPE from 7 to 10 years after graduating from high school.
  • HB 440 (Raise the Age bill) did not make it out of committee before Crossover Day so we have a call to action for YOU! Please call the Juvenile Justice Committee members and ask them to add it as an amendment to another bill so it passes this year! Their contact info is at the bottom of this email!
Mujeres at the Capitol 💃
On Wednesday we co-hosted our inaugural Mujeres at the Capitol alongside the Alpha Sigma chapter of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority Inc, the Latino Community Fund and the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials and it was a success! We hosted women (especially Latinas and women of color) from all over the state throughout the day and trained them on how to talk to their elected officials. We want to thank our keynote speaker Representative Brenda Lopez (the first Latina elected to the Georgia General Assembly) for her words of wisdom and for empowering women on the daily!   

Many will return for our Do or Die event on Sine Die and we want YOU to join us as well! Please RSVP here as we will provide food, t-shirts, buttons, trainings, and much more! 
Do or Die: Young People’s Last 2019 Lobby Day 🗣
Join us on Tuesday, April 2nd as we host the Inaugural Do or Die: Young People’s Last Day to Lobby! 
We will host you all day, or in four hour blocks, with food, tshirts, trainings, help you talk to elected officials, and much more! You MUST RSVP though at the following link:
Once you RSVP we will send you parking details and confirm your spot. We look forward to seeing you there! 
✅ RSVP and get more information on the event here:

The MARTA Referendum 🚇
Election Day is this coming Tuesday, March 19! This is one of the more important referendumsin the history of metro Atlanta so mark your calendars!

  • The ballot question: Voters will see the ballot question phrased this way when they go vote: “Gwinnett County has executed a contract for the provision of transit services, dated as of August 2, 2018. Shall this contract be approved? YES __ NO __”
  • What it means: A yes vote would allow MARTA to take over Gwinnett’s current transit services and greatly expand them. 
  • Key dates: Election Day is March 19. Advance in-person voting starts Monday at the Gwinnett elections office (455 Grayson Highway in Lawrenceville) and will be held there every day through March 15, including on weekends. Hours are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

A successful referendum in Gwinnett may ignite action for more mass transit in other metro Atlanta counties that have long been resistant to the idea, so this vote will be historic for years to come. 

So go vote Gwinnett! 

🔗Read more here:

Call to Action 📣
📣 CALL TO ACTION – HB 440 Raise The Age Bill! 📣
Call the House Juvenile Justice Committee and let them know it’s urgent and important to pass this bill this year!
🔹We should raise it because Georgia is one of only four states that charges people as adults at the of 17.
🔹We should raise it because we don’t grant a 17 year old the right to vote on laws that can send them to adult jail. 
🔹We should raise it because studies show it would reduce the likelihood of our youth going to jail.
You can never predict what bill could be attached to another bill at the last minute as an amendment, so hold on for the ride because the end of this session (Sine Die) will be here in less than two weeks!

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