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March 30, 2019

Welcome back Tea Sippers! 

This is our tenth edition of the 2019 Gold Dome Tea newsletter. We brought the tea so we hope you brought your cups, as we will be giving you the inside scoop of all the most juicy things that happened in this week under the Gold Dome! 👀
In this week’s issue of Gold Dome Tea we will tackle:
🔹Piping Hot Issues – Quick rundown of the piping hot issues that will surely stir the pot.    
🔹Call to Action –Call your legislators and let them know it’s urgent and important to stop this bill!
🔹Next Event – Do or Die: Young People’s Last 2019 Lobby Day: Come lobby with us the last day of this session! 
Piping Hot Issues

This past week was the last full week of the 2019 legislative session and with Sine Die next Tuesday, it was a busy one under the Gold Dome. The committees were long and the floor votes even longer but we got you covered. Here are the bills making the most buzz 🐝:
  • HB 213 (Hemp farming) passed the Senate this week (45 Yes – 6 No) and it is headed to the Governor’s desk for his signature. This is another step forward in finally legalizing issuing permits to grow and sell Hemp in the state of Georgia. 
  • HB 218 (Extend eligibility for HOPE) passed the Senate this week (47 Yes – 5 No) and it is headed to the Governor’s desk for his signature. The eligibility of students receiving HOPE will now be extended from 7 to 10 years after graduating from high school.
  • HB 324 (Medical marijuana manufacturing) passed the passed the Senate Agriculture and Consumer Affairs committee this week. Hopes to make it legal for you to possess, manufacture and distribute low THC oil as long as it is in a pharmaceutical container. Patients are now a step closer to having medical access to marijuana as the bill heads to the Senate, but many still have concerns about the lack of diverse economic access to this new industry in our State. 
  • SB 15 (Policing Public School Students) passed the House Education Committee this week. Please refer to our infographic on it below for more information! 
  • SB 222 (Creates Georgia Council on Criminal Justice Reform) passed the House Judiciary Non-Civil Committee this week. However the positive parts of the bill that aimed to track the implementation of juvenile justice reforms and propose reforms around reducing recidivism were slashed from the bill and added as an amendment to HB 472. This is unfortunate because HB 472 does not seem like it will move anywhere. 
Do or Die: Young People’s Last 2019 Lobby Day 🗣

Join us on Tuesday, April 2nd as we host the Inaugural Do or Die: Young People’s Last Day to Lobby! 
We will host you all day, or in four hour blocks, with food, tshirts, trainings, help you talk to elected officials, and much more! You MUST RSVP though at the following link:
Once you RSVP we will send you parking details and confirm your spot. We look forward to seeing you there! 

✅ RSVP and get more information on the event here:
Call to Action 📣
Find your Representatives here and tell them to vote NO on SB 15! 
Sine Die is always a day packed of eventful actions under the Gold Dome, so hold on for the last dip of the ride and of course do not forget to join us to witness it all unfold this coming Tuesday on our Do or Die event! 

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