Gold Dome Tea Newsletter #1

Your weekly source of fresh tea poured out of the Gold Dome! 

January 19th, 2019 


This is the first edition of the 2019 Gold Dome Tea newsletter. We will bring the tea and you bring the cups as we will be giving you the inside scoop of everything that happens at the State Capitol and especially how it affects our generation of Georgians & the next 👏🏼

So why are we doing this? 
We want to make it easier for your voice to be heard and for you to be involved, simple as that! We aim to do that by helping you understand in and outs of the issues happening inside the Gold Dome and by mobilizing our powers to stop any legislation that targets our communities or restricts our rights ✊🏼

So first week you probably think that the legislators are just settling into their offices and not much happens?
Well let me tell you that if you had bet yes on that, then you would have lost because that is not the case. A lot of legislators actually introduce legislation before the session even starts!

In this week’s issue of Gold Dome Tea we will tackle:
🔹Piping Hot Issues – Quick rundown of the piping hot issues that will surely stir the pot.
🔹Commitee Assignments – Might sound boring but it’s where a lot of the power is at.
🔹#2BrokeTuesdays at the Capitol – Mark your calendars and come lobby with us! 

Piping Hot Issues

The #MeToo movement came to the state Senate this week. The mess started when there was a change in the rules of the chamber that pretty much limited the time that you can file a sexual harassment complaint against senators or senate staff to only a two-year window! 

When Senator Renee Unterman (she’s one of only two women in the Republican caucus) found out that she had been removed as chair of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee she decided to not go down without a fight 👊🏼

She recruited help from the other 13 women Democrats in the senate, “I asked them for help because I wasn’t getting any help in my own caucus” Unternman said. Both Democrat Senator Elena Parent and Jen Jordan shared the sentiment that “If all you’re going to do is put [them] in a committee and not give [them] any legislation to actually look at — shame on you.” 
🔗Read more here:

The biggest gag of it all is the fact the change to the rules included the most convenient loophole:

No harassment complaint can be filed against a senator who is a candidate for public office, so if you run for re-election you would have a kind of temporary amnesty. 🙄🙄

This is how we started the session…with loopholes and lack of female representation in leadership roles.

Committe Assignments
Before we talk about the assignments, let’s take a quick second to remind you how a bill becomes law with this great visual!

Now that we got that out of the way, below are some of the committee that will have all the good tea so keep an eye out for these names 👀: 
 Appropriations – Rep. Terry England
Education – Rep. Rick Jasperse
Ethics – Rep. Randy Nix
Higher Education – Rep. Chuck Martin
Judiciary – Rep. Barry Fleming
Judiciary (Non-Civil) – Rep. Chuck Efstration
Juvenile Justice – Rep. Mandi Ballinger
Public Safety & Homeland Security – Rep. Bill Hitchens
Rules – Rep. Jay Powell
Ways & Means – Rep. Brett Harrell

#2BrokeTuesdays at the Capitol

Are you #BrokeAF and want a more accessible higher education system for all? Join us at the State Capitol on Tuesdays during the legislative session from 9am to 1pm for an opportunity to advocate for increased higher education access for all Georgians!
RSVP and get more information on the event here:
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