A website where you can rent new or used textbooks for a low price. Don’t feel restricted by your college bookstore – rentals, used books and digital downloads are usually always cheaper and easier. If Chegg doesn’t have what you need, try,, or (the latter even offers a discount on Prime for students.)


A chat app that’s great for group projects. Instead of having to keep track of communication through emails and texts, GroupMe makes it so all of your conversations are in one convenient place. Similar apps are WhatsApp and Slack, which allows you upload documents into group messages.



Evernote is useful for people who like to take notes. The app makes it so that all the notes you take on your phone or computer is available across all of your devices. You can use it for notes, images, documents, etc.



Sometimes people need a little extra incentive to keep up their productivity. Habitica can help you “gamify” your duties, but only if you allow it to.

It’s is a free habit building and productivity app that treats your daily tasks like an RPG game, providing you with in-game rewards and punishments to help motivate you. Complete a task to earn gold, or fail to do something and lose some health. It can be especially effective if used among a group (roommates, coworkers, club members, etc). However, you have to be willing and able to be completely honest with yourself about your productivity. Other productivity apps include Site Block, Momentum App and Forest App.


Purdue OWL

This site is super useful if you’re writing a paper and you aren’t sure about how to properly cite a source. It covers APA, MLA, Chicago style, Turabian, and more. Similar websites are, and


iCalendar helps keep all your meetings, class times and dates in a digital planner. Sometimes there are too many things going on at once, and iCalendar takes some of the stress away from being where I need to be on time. Other online planners include and



Quizlet offers online flashcards to help you learn dates, names, terms or any other coursework. You can create your own or find user-created sets relevant to your studying. The Quizlet app is perfect for learning in spare moments, and it’s normally easy to find sets of terms you need that somebody else already made.



This online service shows you the big picture of your financial state while also keeping tabs on every single transaction that posts to every one of your accounts. It’s free, and it includes budgeting tools, bill reminders, your credit score, and more. Other financial apps include an investing resource called Acorns and an app that helps with stocks called Robinhood.

Google Drive

The most basic way to describe Google Drive is that it’s an online file cabinet where you can store and share documents and other digital files. But it also offers Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets and Google Forms. So Drive is not only allows you to store everything in one place, but create.


While in school, it’s important to prioritize your mental health. Headspace helps with meditation and exercise to alleviate anxiety. Similar sites include, and

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